Leadership Community

The GoodCities Leadership Community is our advanced level, four session (two days each session) program that will help you develop a covenant community of leaders seeking to dramatically advance the releasing of volunteers into service in a city. A Leadership Community is all-inclusive, comprehensive program (with continuing education credit, graduate level, and doctoral credit available) for up to 60 people in a 12-24 month process.

Imagine taking 60 people – all leaders – on a journey of learning and leading together specifically centered around the desire for collaboration and transformation in your city? That’s what happens in a GoodCities Leadership Community. Participants invest in leading their organization and an entire community to dramatically increase the number of volunteers, resources and programs for transformation. A Leadership Community is a 12-24 month process where up to 60 people from 12-14 congregations/organizations work through four modules:

Module four: INNOVATION (2 days)

During each module participants engage in a creative, collaborative environment using Results Based ConversationTM methodology which increases organizational effectiveness, addresses community issues and spurs a collective action.

Why invest in a leadership community? It’s a proven method of success. Dr. Eric Swanson, author of The Externally Focused Church and director of the first Externally Focused Church Leadership Communities (EFCLC) writes:

Looking at the results of the data one can conclude that participating EFCLC churches more than doubled the number of church volunteers deployed in ministry and service to the community (from 15, 560 volunteers in 2003 to 33,668 volunteers in 2006). Additionally they more than doubled the number of hours each church gave in service to the community (from 466,866 in 2003 to 1,151,860 hours in 2006). The financial impact of their volunteer hours grew from $8,025,427 in 2003 to $21,309,410 in 2006. Cumulatively, over the three year period, these thirty-three churches gave more than sixty-two million dollars in volunteer ministry and service to the community.
~(page 129, Dr. Eric Swanson’s dissertation for Bakke Graduate University)~

The effectiveness of Leadership Communities comes from having a team approach. Each Leadership Community includes a facilitation team as well as consultants and experts in residence during each module. Our experts include names such as:

~ Dr. Glenn Barth, GoodCities on Collaborative Leadership
~ John Handy, Innovation Expert & Former VP of Mattel Toy Design
~ Jack Jezreel, JustFaith- Empowering People of Faith for Justice
~ Dr. Don Simmons, Fresno State University
~ Dr. Eric Swanson, Leadership Network
~ Jim Tomberlin, Third Quarter Consulting.

GoodCities has led LCs in Atlanta, Little Rock and San Diego.

"All participating churches (in the Little Rock Leadership Community) have experienced an increase in the number of volunteers engaged in the community. Two churches had more than 100% increases in a 12 month period. The new level of cooperation among churches resulted in a new urban-suburban partnership that is working together to address homelessness and literacy at a nearby school."

– Ray Williams, Chairman of the Nehemiah Group in Little Rock.

"The Atlanta Leadership Community has accelerated the work of racial reconciliation that is so desperately needed in Atlanta. It has also helped spread the Unite! movement to other regions of Atlanta as these churches have caught the vision for partnering to make a kingdom impact in the community."
– Chip Sweney, Associate Pastor at Perimeter Church in Atlanta and leader of Unite!