GoodCities offers a full range of services to develop leaders who advance the common good of the city:

City Impact Accelerator

What: A proven collaboration process that speeds problem-to-solution innovation and implementation resulting in positive impact on societal issues (for example, literacy, health, job creation, etc.)

Who: Locally selected teams from multiple domains (government, faith-based, business, education, social sector) work with other players to identify and address critical community issues. Each team is composed of 3-5 members. The gathering is limited to 60 participants.

How: The cohort of local teams will gather four times over two years to engage in strategic conversations designed to formulate and to implement community initiatives.

Participating teams will experience:

  • Engagement in a proven process that speeds problem-to-solution innovation
  • Expert coaching that shapes conversations for results
  • Project path development for community engagement and impact
  • Expanded collaborative intelligence
  • Scorecard development for tracking and celebrating progress

For more information: To learn more about how your community or your team can participate in a City Impact Accelerator, contact us.

City Convene

Each year, GoodCities hosts leadership development conferences regionally so that the topics are contextually relevant to the participants. Regional conferences remove the barriers of long distance travel while providing access to nationally recognized presenters and best practices for deeply satisfying team building and planning experiences. To get more information about hosting a conference in your city contact us.

City Coach

  • We provide expert leadership coaching for facilitators of city movements and those in ministry with a kingdom focus.
  • Our work includes customized strategy sessions to build your team and advance your mission.
  • For more information on leadership coaching, contact us.

City Connect

The communications work of GoodCities. It includes our website and blog, eBooks and social media.

Businesses Doing Good

From Sustainable to Flourishing Businesses and Communities

Today businesses are going beyond “sustainability” which reduces the ecological footprint, to “doing good” in the communities where they are based and in places where they offer their products or services. This is a movement toward flourishing businesses and communities.

GoodCities is creating communities of practice for business leaders in this new growing field in cities around the country.

Each month on the 3rd Thursday, Glenn Barth hosts a conference call which features one example of a business doing good in their community. These calls happen at 11:00 am EST and are open to anyone interested in learning more.